Murphy Wall Beds: Space-Saving Bedroom Designs to Fall in Love With

An increased desire for thoughtful, aesthetic, eco-conscious living, along with sky-high mortgage and rental rates, have driven many to make the most out of shrinking space. But minimalism comes with the need for contemporary furniture designers like Clei, to craft long-lasting curative pieces that enhance the beauty and simplicity of multipurpose design. 

Benefits of Murphy Wall Beds
What is Murphy Wall Beds

If you want to expand your space and erase visual clutter, opt for a stylish multipurpose Murphy wall bed that hides away when it’s not in use. 

What is a Murphy wall bed? 

A wall bed, also known as a Murphy bed, is more than a pallet that folds down from the wall. Murphy wall bed ideas extend from seamless room integration to beautiful focal points that demand the center of attention. Modern design options incorporate couches, cabinets, desks, shelving, tables, and even seating, maximizing functionality and livable space. 

When deciding just how to incorporate a bed into a room, think about how you’d like to save space and what functions you’d benefit from. Explore these elegant interior design inspirations to envision a Murphy wall bed addition to your home. 

Seamless wall integration: This option is ideal for rooms when you want to maximize space. With little disruption to the existing design, wall beds can be seamlessly crafted to blend into the wall when it’s not in use. 

Tables, desks, and seating: When you place a wall bed in an office, dining room, or other combined bedroom space, you can unify functionality by choosing a design with a built-in table, desk, or even seating. During the day, your area serves as a dining or work space. At night, the bed folds down over the table or desk, smoothly transitioning into an area for sleep. 

Incorporated storage or shelving: Integrating storage or shelving into a wall bed capitalizes on a room’s livable space. Shelving can even be designed around the bed to create a built-in effect when the bed is open. This allows you to keep your items in place and maintain your room’s layout even when it’s time for sleep. 

Built-in couch: In bedrooms, offices, and other living areas where you want extra seating, a wall bed with an incorporated couch is the perfect balance of design and function. Converting to bedtime is a breeze, with hidden mechanisms that bring your bed right over your couch for comfortable sleeping. 

Layered bunk beds: Whether you need to expand your child’s play area or just want to add sleep-able space to your guest or vacation home, a Murphy bunk bed is your best space-saving choice. Neatly store your bunk beds in a hidden wall or storage system to quickly free up floor space. 

Wall Bed Personalization 

When searching for modern Murphy wall bed ideas, consider adding special design elements and features that fit your lifestyle. With Clei’s quality Italian craftsmanship, you can tailor your system with beautiful exterior wall coverings, fold-out bookshelves, lighting, nightstands, and even customizable color schemes. 

Whether your home is large or small, incorporating a wall bed is a space-saving way to increase sleeping options, without compromising on design or quality.

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