Pets – The True Friend of Men

Since the evolution of the civilization human and animals friendship is a common thing. In simple term Pet means animals which lives with the humans. In broad term a pet is a household animal kept in a house for the purpose of friendship, security and entertainment.

types of Pets
Benefits of Pets

Pet’s animals are different from the other categories of animals like wild animals, livestock, laboratory animals, working animals or sport animals, which are kept primarily for the purpose of economic or productive reasons.

Benefits of Pets

Here are the few benefits of Pets are –

* Friendship
It does prove that pets are the true friend of their owners.

* Security
Some peoples kept pets for the security reasons.

* Entertainment
Pets provide the entertainment medium for the pet owners.

* Health Care
In scientific research it is prove that pets can provide their owners with non-trivial health benefits.


Most common types of Pet

In our world we can find numerous types of Pets like –

* Dogs
* Cats
* Parrots
* Canaries
* Parakeets
* Gerbils
* Fancy Rats
* Guinea Pigs

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