Try asphalt pavement with DIY(making repairs at home by yourself)! How to repair dangerous cracks yourself

It seems that more people use asphalt in the parking lot and garden of the house with the help of hiring the driveway paving companies serving near them. At the same time, there seems to be an increasing trend in how to do pavement by DIY.

How to repair dangerous cracks yourself
Try asphalt pavement with DIY(making repairs at home by yourself)

If you use asphalt for a long time, you can crack and dent by doing. If you leave it alone, there is a danger that the damaged part spreads and it gets caught while walking or the tire of the car is caught.

In this issue, I will introduce not only the method and procedure for asphalt paving in DIY but also the repair method for cracks and steps that are noticeable after paving.

I will also talk about the difference between the trader and the asphalt pavement and the merit of asking the merchant, so if you are thinking about making asphalt pavement in the future DIY, please take a look.

Table of contents:

  • Can you do asphalt pave yourself?
  • How to repair asphalt cracks and steps yourself
  • When full-scale repair is required, ask the contractor
  • Summary

Can you do asphalt pave yourself?

Asphalt pavement is often thought to be a serious task to use heavy machinery for melting and crimping, but in reality, you can do it yourself.

When paving by yourself, use a different material from the asphalt that the professional uses. The construction procedure also varies greatly.

Here I will explain about the asphalt for DIY, the procedure for doing asphalt pave by yourself, and the points to be noted when paving yourself.

Asphalt pavement materials for DIY are sold at home centers and so on. It does not require any special machine for melting or crimping and can be used at room temperature, so it is easy to pave.

As usual asphalt composite material is solidified by dissolving and cooling, it is necessary to firmly press it with a roller etc. before drying.

However, the asphalt pavement material for DIY is made to set by paving asphalt to the place where you want to pave and compacting it. Without the danger of burns, it is possible to do the construction itself easily.

The important thing in simplified asphalt for DIY is compaction. Unlike asphalt which melts and cools and hardens it is hardened only by compaction, so it is more at risk to shock than normal asphalt.

Because it may be deformed by the application of force locally, it is important to firmly compact.

In addition to compaction, you can finish it to a stronger asphalt by using an adhesive.

Asphalt mixture is used for the adhesive. This is also sold to home centers, etc., you can easily get it.

Let’s use not only compaction but also asphalt mixture together to make a stronger asphalt.

Read the complete procedure of laying asphalt.

Points to note when paving by yourself
how to do asphalt pave

Points to note when paving by yourself:

Since the strength is different from the asphalt that the professional installs, let’s firmly compact. When using asphalt mixture, be careful not to adhere to surrounding objects.

Due to the nature of the asphalt mixture, it cannot be taken quite easily if it adheres to the clothes. Even if it adheres to surrounding objects, it cannot be dropped easily, so let’s arrange the clothing and the environment that you can do so that it will be fine even if you scatter it.

 How to repair asphalt cracks yourself:

Depending on how the asphalt is damaged, you can also repair the asphalt yourself by using the goods sold in the store. Because the repair material to be used will change according to the degree of damage, we would like to carefully select repair materials.

Here, I will explain the kind of repair material suitable for damage, how to use each repair agent, and precautions to be taken when repairing asphalt yourself.

Repair material changes as asphalt condition:-Degradation of asphalt has various symptoms. Initial symptoms are cracks on the surface.

Seal-type repair materials are recommended for this condition. The seal type is made so that it can be used in various places if shallow cracks less than 3 mm are used. During repair, there is a case that moisture or dust cannot adhere properly, so it is necessary to dry the construction site thoroughly. If the seal does not cover the size or deep cracks, use stick type repair material.

The stick type material is suitable for use in places where cracks are large. However, it is necessary to dry the construction site because it is at risk to moisture and dust during repairing.

Repair procedure of asphalt:

Seal Type Repair Procedure:

  • Use an air compressor to remove cracked interior and its surrounding gravel, soil, dust and skim the moisture
  • Stick seal on crack and press it by roller or trampled

Remove release sheet:

  • Grinding with a hand burner etc.
  • Repair procedure of stick type
  • Use an air compressor to remove cracked interior and its surrounding gravel, soil, dust and skim the moisture
  • Grind the tip of the stick with a hand burner or the like and soften it
  • Pour the melted material into the cracks
  • Wait for drying

Points to remember when repairing asphalt

  • Remove moisture and dust on the road surface to increase adhesion
  • Construction of a place where water always accumulates, gathering of water is quickly dropped
  • Be careful when using a burner because it will accelerate decline if heating too much
  • Use after understanding the features and precautions of the product to be used
  • When full-scale repair is required, ask the driveway paving contractors

If you use simple asphalt or repair material you can pave asphalt yourself. Let’s look at the difference between asphalt pavements at DIY and asphalt pavement by traders and merit to ask dealers.

DIY is the first treatment to the last

Convenient materials have increased, and it has become possible to asphalt pavement with DIY.

However, asphalt that can be handled by myself is still different from asphalt for business use, it is difficult to reproduce strength like business use.

Moreover, as it is easy to pave and repair, it is easy to decline quickly and it seems that recurrence of cracks also occurs.

The trader has a beautiful finish:

Asphalt paving companies use heavy machinery dedicated to melting and pressing, so they are very beautiful finish. In unprofessional DIY it is difficult to make the surface clean and flat, it will be tough to realize the beauty of appearance like a paving of a trader.

Also, because it compacts with heavy machinery, it is very different from asphalt pavement at DIY. After paving is one of the merit of asking the contractor to be harder to weaken than DIY. Contractors not only pave asphalt but also calculate the slope of the place to be constructed if you are concerned about drainage etc., you may be able to solve it by using a method to tilt by consulting with the trader.

Difference between DIY and traders

First of all, the type of asphalt used is different. Simple asphalt for DIY which can be constructed easily without using a machine, strength and deterioration speed etc. will also change from asphalt for business use. The person who asks the contractor to finish, the finish becomes beautiful.


The points for self-paving asphalt are as follows.

  • Simple asphalt for DIY allows asphalt paving even without heavy equipment
  • Compaction is important to increase strength with simple asphalt
  • Stronger when using adhesive such as asphalt mixture
  • Select repair materials according to asphalt condition
  • If you care about the finish, I recommend that you request a contractor

Who wants to try DIY breakage of asphalt please refer to the above points.

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