How to prepare your furniture for storage?

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When we talk about furniture there is a certain kind of its which becomes antique but you don’t want to let it go. Even sometimes when you shift your house, you get furniture along or maybe you have too much to keep along. So in such case, storing the furniture for the future is better.

You can store the extra items in storage units Irvington and reduce the clutter. Given below are four key steps to successfully prepare and protect your furniture items for long-term self-storage.


Clean and prepare

Before you begin the process of storing it is very important to clean the furniture and prepare it. You should begin it by wiping down pieces with a fresh cloth. There are appropriate cleaners available which are used for a certain type of material such as metal, wood, glass, etc.

Use them and it will serve as an add-on protection. Do let the solution dry completely and then store it.


Disassemble for the Transportation

When we talk about storing the furniture, especially when you have to transport the best way is to dismantle it. It will be into parts and easy to carry. Plus there would not be any risk of falling. So when you are carrying beds, sofas open the parts and then carry.  Once you reach the place fix it again.


Cover and Protect

After the preparation for storing the furniture is done it is very important to protect it with the right materials. Bubble wrap is very important for wrapping the items that can easily break. Items such as framed pictures, mirrors, lamps or blunt parts like chairs and table legs should be covered in bubble wraps.


As of general when covering avoid using plastic package materials as it can suffocate certain materials like wood and fabrics. This can result in condensation or unpleasant smells in your unit. So in that case, use drop cloths or covers, sheets or blankets to keep dust away and allow air to circulate.


Strategically Store 

To make space in the unit you may be attracted to cram and jam items without a proper plan in place. However, sloppy storage can result to be very harmful to the furniture. So how can these problems be avoided? In that case, leave space in between items.

The advantages are two-fold: you’ll permit air to flow generously between the furniture, which will help safeguard your items from damage, and you’ll diminish the risk of accidental damage to your pieces.


Save Space without any Sacrifice

You don’t have to worry about losing your furniture favorites due to lack of space. Now, you can sensibly consider storage of larger items, even if you are short of the space at home.

With the extra benefit of climate-controlled storage, these spaces will help to protect your furniture’s condition over time, against storing it in a humid attic or damp basement.

By correctly prepping your items for long-term storage, they will be prepared for use upon taking away, whenever you, or your family, may require them. So, make sure you store all your furniture in the storage correctly and then enjoy your antique items forever.


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