How Much Does It Cost To Install A Ducted Vacuum System?

The expense of ducted vacuum system varies and depends on the size and area of the house and depending on how many stories and levels do that home comprises of. The price can vary from around $1,600 to roughly around $2,200. If there are three bedrooms and are all one story then one can easily expect the price tag of around $1,750.

Factors affecting price of installation a Ducted Vacuum System
Cost To Install A Ducted Vacuum System

It should be noted that these are all the rough estimates and these figures also depend on the material that your home is built from. If you would like to use a double brick home then it will surely bring more expenses to your total bill and will also depend upon the number of wall ports used.

One should keep in mind that if a person tries to cut and compress his expense on the materials used then there are slight chances that the quality of the products is not up to the mark. Many people have complained and confessed later that choosing a cheaper product lead to dissatisfaction and resulted in a shorter lifespan of the products.

If we compare the ducted vacuum system to the normal vacuum system then it is safe to conclude that ducted vacuum systems are surely a better choice than a normal vacuum system. Many people give a ducted vacuum system one more thought as it can’t be stored in a cupboard. But one should keep in mind that it is much more convenient as compared to the normal vacuum system.

Factors affecting price

The price of a ducted vacuum system depends upon various things. Firstly PVC pipe length should be kept in mind or the ducting that one will surely require. Secondly one should keep in mind the number of inlets. Thirdly one should narrow down the accessories one is installing a ducted vacuum system which also includes the motor of your system.


There are various reasons why people choose a ducted vacuum system over the normal vacuum system amongst which the primary reason is its sake of ease and simplicity. People find it quite convenient and easy for them when they find out that there is nothing to carry for themselves and they don’t even have to push, store or carry something around the house to clean the house.

There are many more reasons and advantages why people prefer a ducted vacuum system as compared to the normal one and one of the reasons is because of raw power. The ducted vacuum system has more power as compared to a normal vacuum system. On the other hand, it doesn’t have any allergens expelled which makes it more hygienic and cleaner as compared to other standard vacuum.

Reduced Noise

Beside these all the advantages the biggest benefit of ducted vacuum system is its lack of noise. The reason behind this is that, that the motor that operates the ducted vacuum system is installed way too far from the actual vacuum due to which it doesn’t make a loud noise as compared to standard vacuum.


Due to filtration process of the ducted vacuum system, all the dust and dirt are moved out of the household which means one shouldn’t have any problem even if he is suffering from any dust allergy. On the other hand, one should admit that a ducted vacuum system adds value to your home and if demanded, it helps to reach the asking price of your house much sooner.


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