Tips to Keep your flower crowns preserved

How to preserve Flower crowns
Flower Crown Tips

Flower crowns are highly attractive and give a charming look. Flowers are always pretty,and girls look cute and awesome when decorated with these beautiful flowers.

But once you prepare a flower crown of your own choice or buy it from a market place, it is always important to keep it safe and fresh. Flowers are too sensitive and have a very short life span. They quickly get damaged or lose their freshness.

So, it is imperative to carefully maintain the flower crowns so that they remain fresh and doesn’t lose their appearance. Here are some steps to be followed to keep your flower crowns preserved¬†and make it as preserved flower.


Always choose fresh flowers

If you are making your own flower crown, it is best to use freshly picked flowers. Ensure you pluck the flowers carefully, without damaging the petals stalk of the flower.

Choose flowers which stay fresh for a long time

When you are making a flower, crown choose the flowers which can stay fresh for quite some time even after being plucked from the plant. There are flowers which wilt within minutes after being plucked. So, choose those who stay fresh a little longer like Jasmine, small roses, was flowers,etc.

Place flowers in dark areas

Always place the plucked flowers as well as the flower crown on dark areas. Avoid exposure to sunlight as much as possible. Keeping flower crowns in the dark and the dry regions help to preserve them for quite some time.

Use water or floral spray

Sprinkle some water or floral spray on your flower crown. This helps to maintain the color as well as the texture of the flower and keeps it fresh and intact for quite a long time. You can also choose to place it on a damp cloth.

Always store in a cool place

Store your flower crown in a cold room with minimum temperature. You can also make use of refrigerator, but make sure that there are no food items which accelerate wilting of flowers. The best option is to place it on a plate with a damp cloth. If it is hot outside, then you can use a fan or air conditioner to maintain the temperature of the room.

Drying with a dehydrator

One can choose to dry the flower crown with a dehydrator or oven rapidly. But remember it can only be done if it suits the flower used in your crown.

Using silica gels

Though a little expensive one can choose to preserve their flower crowns in closed airtight containers with silica gel. It dehydrates the flower and keeps it’s color intact. Unlike drying with a dehydrator or oven, using silica helps to preserve the delicate flowers too.

Soak in Glycerin

You can soak your flower crown in Glycerin for sometime so that the flower absorbs Glycerin completely. The flowers give out the water content in them,and that will be replaced by Glycerin which helps them to stay fresh for quite some time.

Using sand

A much cheaper way to preserve your flower crown is to use the naturally available sand. Store your flower crown in a bowl of sand and let it for some time, so that all the moisture gets removed. Then gently blow off any sand particles which are sticking on to the flower crown.

Anyway, to conclude flowers are always delicate darlings. One must gently handle them with all love and care to keep them fresh and smiling.


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