3 Easy Home Updates To Make This Year

How to change home in this year
3 Easy Home Updates

The new year is just around the corner, and with talks of resolutions, everyone is thinking of how they can make a big chance in the new year.

If you have the resolution to sell your home, or even to just improve your space, it might be time for an update!

If you decide to sell, spring is a great time to list a home, and the colder months are perfect for getting a fresh start!

Whether you are looking to sell, buy, or just want to mix it up, these easy updates can transform any room easily.

Update Your Curb Appeal

One of the easiest ways to update a space? Landscaping.

Updating your curb appeal is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to transform the exterior of your home, and will make your home standout on the street.

Cleaning up the exterior of the property will give you a fresh and updated investment. Some easy updates to make are power washing the walls, sidewalks, and driveways.

Those with a green thumb can easily add fresh mulch for a fast pop of color, plant some seasonal flowers, or even hang potted plants for low maintenance projects!

Those feeling more ambitions may crack open a paint can. A freshly painted door can make your home stand out, and you can experiment with fun colors that compliment your home. Popular colors for doors are white, black, and even red!

You can also look into updating the siding, or adding a new coat to your home to freshen up the home!

Other outdoor projects could include repainting or adding a new deck, repairing fences, and updating any outstanding sore spots in your yard!

Hard money lenders in Arizona say that these updates will make your home look more finished, and intrigue potential buyers.

Update Your Floor

Updating your floors may sound expensive, but refreshed or new floors can completely transform a room.

Depending on your floor type there are many easy ways you can breathe new life on your existing floors.

For carpet, if your carpet is still in good shape, hiring or even renting a deep carpet cleaning service is worth every penny. Not only will this make your home cleaner, but can remove any stains, dirt, or pollen that might get trapped in the fibers.

For those with tile floors, a deep clean and repair kit can go a long way. Tie repair kits can work wonders on chips or cracks that occur in tile floors. While some cracks can be caused by foundational issues, sometimes floors aren’t laid properly, which causes the tile to shift and break. If you don’t have a foundational problem and aren’t looking to retile your home, a quick repair kit can save you a lot of money and time!

Wood floors, while beautiful, can be costly to repair. Refinishing floors is necessary for these floors to keep their sleek look. Homeadvisor reported that it can cost anywhere between $1,074-$2,400 to have your floors refinished. Refinishing your floors can remove the wear and tear that floors get from daily living, so depending on the age of your floor refinishing may be overdue!

If you are looking to get top dollar for selling your home, any of these quick fixes -can impress buyers, but in some cases, a replacement may be necessary.

Carpet is the easiest, and cheapest flooring option. With a variety of colors, styles and types are also extremely versatile. Tile is expensive and time-consuming to put in a home, but its easy to clean up makes it a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Hardwood floors are winning over the hearts of homebuyers everywhere.

Private money lenders suggest hardwood floors for those looking to sell or flip their home.  New flooring may not be a cheap repair to make for a flip or rental but new hardwood floors can add up to 2.5% to the sale price of your investment.

Faux wood also adds value to the home, and homebuyers love it, so it may be a great option for your home!

Update Your Walls

Updating your walls is an easy and quick way to transform a room and for little money.

Repainting a room can easily change the feel, and tone of a room. Those looking for a bold look can easily incorporate wallpaper into their rooms as well!

For those looking to sell, the paint may be a safer choice than wallpaper.

While the debate for wallpaper is ever-going, picking a wallpaper choice that others will love, is tricky. Paint, even bold choices will sit easier with buyers than poor wallpaper.

coming back in style, Investors should tread carefully.

It’s not that home buyers hate wallpaper, is that they don’t like other people’s choice in wallpaper.

Everyone has their taste when it comes to wallpaper, and sometimes choosing the wrong one can hurt your resale value. ‘Ugly’ Wallpaper can even scare away potential buyers.

The best option for wallpaper is to avoid heavy patterns such as florals, as they will age the room. If you choose to use wallpaper, (as it is easier to put up and less labor-intensive as paint) consider using some more cohesive and modern prints. Such as solid colors, or even vertical stripes.

Paint is a versatile option for homes, as it can be easily applied, but also just gives a cohesive finished look to a room. Paint can also be rather inexpensive making it a favorite among investors.

Modern colors to consider for your flip are gray, sky or baby blue, tans, and light pastel colors such as mint green or coral. When used correctly a fresh coat of paint will liven up a room and making it seem more inviting to potential buyers.



Updating your home is revitalizing. Freshly painted walls, new colors, and even power washing your home will help breathe new life into it.

Whether you are trying to sell, or just trying to mix it up these updates make your home feel fresh and new!

  • Curb Appeal: Whether you want to power wash or paint, both great choices for boosting your curb appeal. Green thumbs can rejoice in picking new flowers for their walkways or even add a simple mulch.
  • Updating Your Floors: Simple repairs or even a deep clean can take your floors to another level. Even simple repair kits or more expensive refinishes can make your floors look brand new.
  • Update Your Walls: Wallpaper and paint can go a long way to transform your space. Paint is more versatile if selling, but a modern print can make a room stand out!

What is an easy update you plan to make this year?

About the Author: Catherine Way graduated from Michigan State University with her Bachelor’s of Advertising, with a specialization in Graphic Design. She is a content marketer for business, mortgage, and real estate industries. Catherine has written real estate articles for Silver Doctors, The Paper Source, Active Rain, and Progressing Income. She enjoys finding new creative outlets through writing, designing, dancing, modeling and more. She currently writes and reports for  Prime Plus Mortgages – Phoenix Hard Money Lenders.

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