A true review of AAXA M6 Portable Projector

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AAXA M6 Portable Projector Review

There are a lot of things people look for in portable projectors. Some look for picture quality, some for compact and lightweight designs while some look for battery life. It is thus our duty to review products keeping all these factors in mind so that everyone can find what they are looking for.

In this review we will examine and evaluate the AAXA M6, a projector that weighs 2.5 pounds and can be considered small by its design but still packs quite a punch.

Being only 2.1 inches tall and 7 inches in width and length, it truly lives up to its billing as a portable projector. It was also featured in consumers verdict portable projector reviews. Although it may not have the best of designs, it is fairly better looking than the average portable projector. It also comes along with a carrying case making it fairly easy to transport.

The real factor that most people consider when comparing portable projectors is picture quality. I can safely say that the AAXA M6 does not disappoint. The first point of interest is its brightness. There are three lamp modes: bright,standard and eco. The only mode available on battery power is eco while the rest are available on AC power. Instead of using a lamp, it uses 3 LED lights (red, green, blue) which produce brightness quantified as 1200 lumens.

The resolution of the projector is 1080p which comes as a welcome addition. Not many projectors on the market can boast of being as compact and as powerful at the same time. The picture quality from the HDMI and USB key inputs was fairly adequate however the VGA input suffered as the colours could not be accurately presented on the screen. The 1080p resolution allows for crisp picture detail and with the added benefit of various modes being presented to the user, it allows greater control over the output.

We would recommend using the user mode as it allows you to personally change the output and the settings therefore allowing you greater control over how images come out. The contrast detail is slightly less than expected but it is sufficient. The colours may sometimes come across as being a tad bit over saturated and you may have to change modes to find the best picture quality, but the overall performance is satisfactory. The lamp life of 30000 hours also makes sure that the device works for a long period of time. These features are so good that it can compete with any home theatre projector and is available at very less price.

There are a few problems with setup as there is no zoom and there is no control to correct images, which means you may have to move the device around to find the perfect image. The fan noise can also be considered a nuisance as in standard mode the noise can be heard from a sufficient distance and it may disrupt the viewing experience.

The in built speaker is rated at 2W and can produce sufficient sound for a small viewing. The price of the device is above 500$ but that can be considered to be justified given the quality of the device.

The AAXA M6 can be used to view movies in your backyard to presentations at our office or even by individuals who like to travel.The 1080p picture quality and the impressive picture quality coupled with the various picture modes make this a very impressive portable projector.


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