Advantages of using ClearabeeBeebags


If you are looking for skip hire you really should consider using a Clearabee Beebag. These are bags that you can fill up and leave to be collected from up to 10m from the kerbside. You can fill them with pretty much any rubbish that you desire and then you can organise a collection, which usually happens within 24 hours. Here are the advantages that using our ClearabeeBeebag service has over using a traditional skip hire service.

Quick turnaround


Skips are difficult to collect and require specialist equipment. The logistics involved in the collection of a skip, therefore can means that it takes longer and that your skip might be left on the kerbside for a long period of time, attracting the attention of passers-by. Plus, the longer your skip is sat there the more likely your neighbours are to chuck in a few items of their own. Clearabee bags are much easier to collect, which means that we can offer removal within 24 hours, whereas skip removal can take between 3 and 5 days.


More convenient location


A ClearabeeBeebag does not require a crane or specialist equipment to lift and remove it. It is very much a man and van service, which means that your bag doesn’t have to be placed on the road and that you have some flexibility in its location. As a guide, the bag does need to be placed a maximum if 10m away from the kerbside and the way does need to be clear for our team to remove it. So long as this is adhered to, however, you are able to place your bag where you need it to be rather than worry about it being in a convenient location for collection.


Fixed price for waste removal


Using a skip hire service has always been beneficial to those who have a large amount of rubbish that they need clearing because it offers you a fixed price. This is very much the same with ClearabeeBeebags, you simply have to pay for the size of the bag that you need, meaning that you can be clear about the price at the start. If you are happy to do the physical work involved in filling up your bag, it could be the most cost-effective way of freeing yourself from the rubbish.


You won’t have to hang around for delivery


With skip hire, you need to be available to take delivery of the skip and ensure that it is placed in the correct location. This isn’t the case with ClearabeeBeebags because they are simply posted out to you. Although they are often too big to fit through your letterbox, you can request that they are left with a neighbour or in a convenient location. You no longer have to hang around waiting for delivery of your skip. Likewise, we are also able to collect your Beebag, even if you aren’t present. We’ll always send you an SMS when we are on our way, but this is just courtesy. We don’t expect you to be present so long as there are no obstructions to us removing the bag.


We can collect any bag


If you find that you have more rubbish than you thought we are happy to collect any other bags, including Hippo bags. This might cost you a little extra but it is useful to know that there is flexibility if you find that you have underestimated the amount of rubbish that you have.

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