All You Need To Know About Transportable Homes in NZ

Transportable homes are like normal houses but are different from them in the built quality. As the normal houses use bricks and concrete to be built it is not the same story for transportable homes. Unlike normal houses, the transportable home uses materials that cannot be damaged easily when the moving process is executed. They use materials such as vinyl weatherboard, wood, gyprock, steel and other materials that cannot be damaged easily.

Types of transportable homes nz
Transportable Homes in NZ

Many people confuse transportable home with mobile homes. What needs to be understood is that transportable homes nz are permanent when they are delivered to the location. They are even clumped together and utilities are also connected. Whereas on the other hand portable version are referred to relocatable homes and they are mostly used on land where the owner leases the land and tend to own the house. These houses are way easier to shift as compared to normal ones. It is of no shock that many people call and refer transportable homes as other names such as prefabricated homes, modular homes, factory-built homes or relocatable homes. They all are the same and are called differently according to their region. If you are surfing the internet to know about transportable homes in NZ then this article has got you covered.

Types of transportable homes nz

As discussed earlier, transportable home is given different names but they do have different types of themselves. They accommodate and come in all sizes and different shapes. Transportable homes nz nowadays offer minor extensions, granny flats, cabins and a different range of varieties. When surveyed, most of the transportable home was built which consisted of bedrooms with a range from one to three of them. Besides this, they were obviously equipped with the kitchen along with the garage sometimes. Nowadays, it is quite common to see designs which involve verandas, balconies, attics and the finishing in the kitchen area is quite outstanding. If you find a good builder then it won’t be an issue to customize and modernize your design as they’ll do it happily to suit your needs.

Cost estimate of transportable homes nz

Now the most common and asked question regarding transportable home is how much does it cost to afford one. There is a slight difference when a builder is contracted to build an individual transportable home and the scenario is different if he is contacted for a bulk. When bulk purchasing is discussed then the builders tend to provide hefty discounts due to which cabins and Granny flats can be quite affordable which are ranged roughly around $30,000 to all the way to $80,000. As much as the cost increases, so does the quality of finishing and the building size. On the other hand, if we discuss about luxurious transportable homes nz then it can cost up to $300,000. But one should note that these all estimate include architect’s fees, costs related to council or DA, utility connections and site works.

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