What Should I Consider Before Building a Single storey house Extension?

Why do people go for extensions? At any point in time, people will likely experience the need for additional space. Extensions of a house provide a safe way where without leaving one house or shifting to another place, one can avail of the benefits. You need to realize that several things are involved when it comes to a project like this. There is a key factor that must not be ignored at any cost as these are foundational. You need to start by planning and gradually move towards designing before heading for actual implementation. Many people already know that building extension is a commitment.  

If you want your extension project to go smooth then this article act as a guide. There are certain steps that you need to implement just before starting. So to help your project run smoothly we’ve put together this beginner’s guide to building an extension, which provides a run-down of what you need to know before you start.


Shared Walls of Single storey house plans 

There can be the probability that your extension requires the building of a boundary in the parameter of 3 to 6 meters range. In such cases, you should go through party wall act laws and comply with them. 



The other thing which you need to consider is accessibility. You need to see how easily things get delivered to your place. You need to make sure that lorries and trucks could reach your place safely. The unloading and loading process has to be convenient. One needs to have an idea about where will the traders parts and store the materials together with the other tools 

Existing place

You need to reexamine the current space in which you are living. Make sure all the electrical wirings, plumbing, and other heating issues are all sorted. One has to get rid of the prior assumption that everything is perfect. Bear in mind that such decisions can not take place without proper inspection and testing. 


Insurance of Single storey house plans

You need to get insurance clauses sorted. Extension work must be insured so that you are liable for the unforeseen happenings. 


Single storey house plans designing 

As far as the extension of the place is concerned then you need to ask yourself who will be designing the extension. If you own great design thinking skills then you can design the space yourself, else you will have to opt for a designing company. Single storey house plans need proper architectural work thus find the right company or person who could get your vision much more clearly. 

Many people get bogged down with the choice of whether to go for an architect or a designer. This answer needs prior research. The right builder comes into play when you are on the verge of drawing up your plans. 

If you are wondering what does the research process holds? Then, in essence, you need to look at the past work done by the potential candidates. You need to narrow down your choice and choose the designers who align closely with your interests.

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