The Three Best Kitchen Gadgets for 2019

Every year, there are those products that become the hottest trend in kitchen gadgets. In recent years items like the sous vide machine or the air fryer have flown off the shelves. Since their popularity, however, there has been a lack of earth-shattering fads in the kitchen. Below are three of the kitchen gadgets that everyone may be talking about this year.

The top 3 kitchen gadgets
Best Kitchen Gadgets for 2019

Instant Pot

Potentially the next major trend in the kitchen is the Instant Pot. While pressure cookers have been popular for years, the Instant Pot (And similar models) offer a serious upgrade over traditional models. Originally, pressure cookers were complicated and dangerous, requiring the careful submersion in cold water to open the cooker.

With the Instant Pot, pressure cooking is simple. It includes a digital interface that allows for simple control over your dish. And unlike traditional pressure cookers, the Instant Pot offers warming elements that allow you to keep your food warm for hours.

It is the additional cooking modes offered by the Instant Pot that really make it stand out, however. The product can be also steam, sear, and boil a variety of grains and proteins. With the right ingredients, you can even make yogurt. There are a few functions that an Instant Pot cannot complete, however. According to our friends from At Least We Fried, an Instant Pot is not able to be used as a deep fryer. That is because the pot does not get hot enough to fully cook in oil.

Vegetable Spiralizer

Do you like Zoodles? That makes two of us. The spiralizer is a fantastic kitchen tool that gives you a lot of options for enjoying vegetables a different way. While many people know spiralizers for thinly slicing zucchini into pasta-like noodles, they are useful for many other purposes. Vegetables like carrots rutabagas are also ideal for spiraling into a spaghetti replacement. But pasta noodles are not the only use for a spiralizer. Thinly cut carrots and radishes are fantastic in salads and stir fry. Ultimately, the real value in the device is that it allows you to enjoy certain dishes like pasta without the carbs.

Electric Spice Grinder

When it comes to the kitchen, few items are more in demand worldwide than spices. For thousands of years, humans have been cooking with herbs and spices both for their flavor as well as their health benefits. Spice also play an important role in the preservation of food.

Unfortunately, most dried spices do not come in a form easily used in food. In most cases, spices must be ground into a fine powder before use. Traditionally, the grinding would be done with a mortar and pestle. But in modern times, this process is done much more simply with an electric spice grinder.

The great benefit of modern spice grinders is their versatility. While intended for spices, most electric gridners can also double for coffee grinders. This versatility will allow you to save some money and space in your kitchen without losing any functionality.

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