Different types of materials used in pillows

Humans not only need food, water, air and other important things to lead a healthy life but also need sufficient amount  of sleep to lead a healthy life. Six to eight hours of minimum amount of sleep is required by the human body to keep the body fit and active. Person not taking adequate amount of sleep tends to face serious health issues later in his life. To have sound sleep pillow and bed plays a major role.

Disadvantages of Pillow stuffing materials
Pillow stuffing materials

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Murphy Wall Beds: Space-Saving Bedroom Designs to Fall in Love With

An increased desire for thoughtful, aesthetic, eco-conscious living, along with sky-high mortgage and rental rates, have driven many to make the most out of shrinking space. But minimalism comes with the need for contemporary furniture designers like Clei, to craft long-lasting curative pieces that enhance the beauty and simplicity of multipurpose design. 

Benefits of Murphy Wall Beds
What is Murphy Wall Beds

If you want to expand your space and erase visual clutter, opt for a stylish multipurpose Murphy wall bed that hides away when it’s not in use. 

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How to choose a bed base for each mattress

Resting well at night makes us get up more fresh, with energy and better mood. For this, having the right rest equipment is essential. Of course, we have to choose the right mattress according to our physiognomy and way of sleeping. The pillow must also be the right one, with the height and firmness that best suits us. Bedding also influences our sleep quality, and we always recommend natural fibers. And of course, we cannot forget the base for the mattress. Today we will talk about how to choose a bed base, since not all mattresses are valid for all bases. In addition, the bases can accentuate or soften the properties of the mattress chosen, and that also must be taken into account.

Types of bed base
How to choose a suitable bed base

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Mattresses – Get Comfort with Style

There are many reasons for buying single mattresses. It maybe for a child`s bedroom, as a guest bed for the spare room, or it could be for the master bedroom where each partner has different sleeping needs.

Single mattress types can span the full range of mattresses and therefore consideration is very important as to what is required by the person who will be using the mattress.

If it is for a guest room or a child`s bedroom the mattress you choose could be entirely different from the mattress you will want for the master bedroom, especially if you suffer from allergies or you have particular back problems.


types of mattress
A to Z of Mattresses

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