Stem cell efficiency with Decompensated diabetes

Serious health states must be always controlled by experienced specialists which provide the high-level medical assistance. Decompensated diabetes is one of such cases. 

Diabetes is a chronic condition in which the insulin hormone is not produced in the organism or can’t be used and absorbed. Long-term irregularities of such type affect negatively on the whole body cardiovascular system, hormone balance, metabolism, blood circulation, etc.

Vitality Stem cell therapy in Endocrinology is the effective type of treatment for people with Decompensated diabetes problems and complications.

The main indication for Stem cell treatment are: 

  • Diabetes mellitus (type II)
  • Diabetes mellitus complications (type I and II)
  • Carbohydrate tolerance violation

Over time, high blood glucose levels (also known as hyperglycemia) can damage blood vessels and body tissues, which in turn can lead to life-threatening complications and disability.

Vitality provides the effective Stem cell treatment in Endocrinology to overcome the complications and difficulties related with diabetes:

  • Protection from damage of small vessels and peripheral nerves
  • Endothelial cells of blood vessels restoring (damaged by glycosylated hemoglobin)
  •  Injected insulin dose reduction 
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis elimination 
  • Improving the state of insulin-dependent tissue and insulin secretion condition
  • Glucose level in blood normalization 
  •  Insulin therapy efficiency increasing
  • HbA1c reduction (glycated hemoglobin)
  • Metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates normalization 
  • Hormonal and immune status normalization 
  • Microcirculation is all organs improvement
  • Reduction of the risk of diabetes complications

Please, pay your attention, that every organism is unique and different. The process of treatment and its results can vary according to your personal specifications. The professional control of the skilled specialist must be provided during the whole period of Stem cell therapy.

Vitality Medical and Research Center is the medical establishment which is a part of ADONIS Medical Group of Companies renowned for more than 23 years on the market and 14 years of Stem cells research. We provide only qualitative services whose efficiency is confirmed by reviews of numerous patients.

The choice of Vitality is indisputable for the range of advantages:

  • Exceptional quality and safety standards – Vitality staff of biotechnologists is one of the most experienced in Ukraine. Skills and knowledge acquired for more than 20 years of scientific experience work on the well-being of our clients. 
  • Personalized medicine standards – we develop each Program for each patient individually including the most effective dose and variety of Stem cells. 
  • Accreditation and safety – Vitality is accredited by the National Ministry of Health and has all the necessary licenses and permissions from the Ukrainian Government.
  • Comfort and awareness – personal coordination, informational support, accommodation and translation help, all services 24/7.

Vitality Stem cell therapy for Decompensated diabetes mellitus is your right way to a healthy future. Great results, more energy and activity in your new life after Stem cell therapy!

Before using the Stem cell therapy Procedure, be sure to consult with your personal doctor to exclude individual contraindications and specificities.