What It Costs to Build a Home

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the average square footage of a home in the United States (2021 data) is 2,594. The average cost to build a home this size is $296,652.

The Material Costs of Building

That average may look appealing, but there are a lot of factors that can quickly change it. The NAHB estimates that while the average cost of a new build is just under $300,000, the high-end estimate to build is closer to $416,000. 

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All You Need To Know About Transportable Homes in NZ

Transportable homes are like normal houses but are different from them in the built quality. As the normal houses use bricks and concrete to be built it is not the same story for transportable homes. Unlike normal houses, the transportable home uses materials that cannot be damaged easily when the moving process is executed. They use materials such as vinyl weatherboard, wood, gyprock, steel and other materials that cannot be damaged easily.

Types of transportable homes nz
Transportable Homes in NZ
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6 Tips to Make Your Home More Futuristic

You like to follow new trends when it comes to fashion, food, and so on? Then you may be interested in futuristic home designs that will blow your mind!

The essence of futuristic design lays in two properties: functional and practical life on one side and unique look of your house on the other side.

There are more and more people who work at home. That requires some interior solutions that will make people more productive and efficient but, at the same time, make home a pleasant-looking place.

How to make home for futuristic
Futuristic Home

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What Should I Consider Before Building a Single storey house Extension?

Why do people go for extensions? At any point in time, people will likely experience the need for additional space. Extensions of a house provide a safe way where without leaving one house or shifting to another place, one can avail of the benefits. You need to realize that several things are involved when it comes to a project like this. There is a key factor that must not be ignored at any cost as these are foundational. You need to start by planning and gradually move towards designing before heading for actual implementation. Many people already know that building extension is a commitment.  

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