Biological material transportation

Embryo transportation services are getting more and more popular, especially with the COVID-19 situation in the world. The safety and control throughout the whole journey are the matters of the highest importance, which must be ensured by skilled embryo couriers

ADONIS Fertility International is always open for cooperation and ready to receive the biological material from any part of the world to start your infertility treatment without delays. 

The quality of the biological material is the main aspect for effective treatment with successful result, that’s why you should point out some crucial moments when choosing your embryo transportation service: 

  • Specially developed equipment for the genetic materials and liquids

Embryo couriers must be equipped with the special boxes well-developed for the long-term journeys in the different conditions. The permanently maintained temperature (less than -190˚С), high protection against environmental influence, proper and fittable size development for the carry-on baggage and many other tiniest aspects. 

  • Embryo courier expertise 

For the duration of the whole journey the embryo courier is the person who is responsible for your genetic material, that’s why his expertise is really important. Real professionals (in most cases with medical education) must have the experience in emergency and the full rights to act in the best interest of the client. Constant control and protection must be ensured. 

  • Well-developed journey plan and traffic communications

Every infertility treatment is a complex process with many nuances. On-time delivery is the aspect of the highest importance, that’s why your embryo transportation company must provide a well-developed journey plan in compliance with traffic communications and possible delays. The variants of transportation are numerous: intercity, between-regions, international air transportation – all these ways require a good preparation to deliver the biological material punctually at the start of the Infertility Program.

  • Undue influence avoiding 

The safety of your valuable biological material during the transportation is the responsibility of the embryo courier. Make sure that your biological material will be not exposed to X-rays, heating, container damages at any points of journey. The possible changes in the storage environment can lead to degenerative changes of genetic material.

To choose the best embryo courier and transport for delivery is the responsibility of every informed client. ADONIS provides the high quality Infertility treatment immediately after the delivery of your genetic material. Total support and additional care is ensured and confirmed by the many processes for the people from the whole world.

There are no borders for new technological treatment – embryo transportation services of the world level confirm this fact. Together with ADONIS professional medical assistance, your results will be of the improved expectations. 

Make several important steps to choose the best embryo delivery company – the next steps are ensured by ADONIS. Because we appreciate your credibility and do our utmost for your happiness. 

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