Surrogacy reviews of ADONIS

The reputation of the clinic is of the highest importance, especially for those patients who are on the way to select the infertility treatment place. ADONIS Fertility International and it’s Surrogacy reviews from the happy families with the healthy babies – our main pride and dignity.

ADONIS Fertility International LLC’s medical centers are the highly qualitative establishments with a variety of treatment options, including infertility one. We work with patients from the whole world and a specially opened ADONIS clinic Headquarter in Colorado Springs (USA) proves it. This place was created for the USA and Canada residents to help, support and make the start of the ADONIS Infertility Program really easy. 

The whole treatment process is carried out on the highly technological basis of ADONIS clinics Kyiv, Ukraine. 

The main aspects you need to know about ADONIS clinics and Surrogacy Programs:

  • Professionalism 

ADONIS staff consists of real professionals in the fields of reproductology, embryology, physiology, etc. Constant growth and knowledge acquisition help us to ensure the highest results for the well-being of the patients. 

  • Equipment basis

ADONIS provides the full cycle treatment process with all facilities and equipment basis in one place. That helps us to control every step of the processes and create individually adapted treatment plans. Embryo laboratory, diagnosis laboratory, cryobank, surrogate and genetic material donor bank, Maternity Hospitals – state-of-the-art equipment and certified culture media is ensured in ADONIS. 

  • Safety

ADONIS clinics provide only Gestational Surrogacy infertility treatment for your complete safety and ensure biological connection between the intended parents (at least one of the couple) and the baby. Constant control, personally adapted treatment plans, examinations and consultations over the whole period of baby carrying – we are the people who carry every patient with all tenderness.

  • Legality

The high-quality standards of ADONIS Fertility International work are confirmed by License of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The whole Surrogacy process is allowed under Ukrainian legislation. The long term cooperation with the Ukrainian Government and ADONIS clinics provides the total safety for our patients. ADONIS ‘own Legal Department is your best helper in any legal questions. Stability, legality and ensured safety – it is ADONIS Surrogacy. 

  • Non-medical help

And on top of all, ADONIS clinics provide the range of non-medical help included into each Surrogate Programs. Accommodation support, transfer help, translation and notarization services, 24/7 concierge services, informational support – your personal coordinator will help you to clear out every moment you need.

From the list of Surrogacy agency reviews, ADONIS clinics place the highest place, thanks to the best quality service, real professionalism and effectiveness all-round support. 

Choose the infertility treatment with the highest rate among the happy family – choose ADONIS Fertility International which has helped thousands of families from the whole world to reach parental happiness. 

Contact your local manager for more detailed information or visit our website.

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