A Simple Guide to Plan for Your Child’s College Future

When I was a kid in high school, I used to think that there would be nothing better than an extended vacation that lasted for months. In fact, there were some summers that had been so filled with self-directed learning and activities, that I wouldn’t have minded if school just never started up again. It seemed like, once fall came around, I never had enough time for myself or my own hobbies, but was instead spending all of my free time at school and working on school projects.

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Stay-at-Home Summer DIYs

While I’ve been stuck at home during the lockdown, I’ve been doing my best to keep busy. Obviously, I’m still working plenty from home online—meeting with clients and working on customized nutrition programs—but I’m still finding myself with a little more free time than usual. So, instead of wallowing in my isolation, I’m trying to pull myself up from my bootstraps (technically, I’m only wearing my socks indoors) and finish up a few DIY projects around the house.

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